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Welcome to Meadowlark Optics

Over 40 Years of Photonics Innovation

In 1979, Tom Baur, a researcher for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, needed a solution that resulted in manufacturing his own custom Pockels cells. With that flagship product, word spread and Meadowlark Optics quickly became a place to turn to for custom polarization optics.


Today Meadowlark Optics designs, develops and manufactures an extensive range of high-quality polarization systems and components including liquid crystal devices from UV to MWIR. Standard products include shutters, rotators, waveplates/retarders, spatial light modulators, tunable optical filters, tri-color filters, polarizers, polarimeters and more. We also provide custom solutions and a complete line of fabrication services.

We take on what others won’t. Challenge accepted.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for on our website or in our catalog, contact us! Our engineers are ready to meet your specific needs with customized offerings. Allow us to find a solution for your unique application.

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