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What Our Customers Are Saying

Phi Optics has been a customer of Meadowlark Optics for...

Phi Optics has been a customer of Meadowlark Optics for [more than] seven years and works with Meadowlark products because they provide us with the necessary speed and phase accuracy to build the best Quantitative Phase Imaging systems on the market. Phi Optics has found the phase accuracy of Meadowlark’s Reflective SLMs to be the best on the commercial market today. Perhaps the best features of Meadowlark products are ease of use and reliability.

Meadowlark support engineers are among the most responsive and helpful in the field of optoelectronic components. 

Dr. Catalin Chiritescu

CEO, Phi Optics

I’ve been working with Meadowlark for close to a decade...

I’ve been working with Meadowlark for close to a decade both in the UK and in the US. Throughout this period Meadowlark has consistently developed, manufactured, and supported some of the worlds most advanced spatial light modulators. Each SLM development has been uniquely placed to answer new and exciting questions in research and beyond and has led to some exceptional science. Our relationship within Meadowlark has always been one of mutual respect for our customers. Meadowlark provides excellent support for their products with the aim of ensuring shared success and customer satisfaction.

Peter Brunt

Sales and Marketing Director, AVR Optics

I have been a Meadowlark Optics customer since the 1990s,...
I have been a Meadowlark Optics customer since the 1990s, and I keep returning because of the consistently high product quality and the knowledgeable employees. I have always felt that Meadowlark Optics is a partner in my research, who truly cares about my instruments and measurements. In addition to the usual variety of polarizers and waveplates, we use Meadowlark Optics liquid crystal variable retarders in our atmospheric polarization imagers and polarization-sensitive lidars. The accuracy and reliability of our environmental remote sensing instruments both depend heavily on Meadowlark Optics products. I look forward to many more years of polarization partnership! In my Optical Remote Sensor Laboratory (ORSL) at Montana State University, we develop optical remote sensing instruments and methods for studying the natural Earth environment. One frequently recurring theme in our research is the use of polarization as a source of information about the environment. Here are a few examples of how we pioneered the use of liquid crystal variable retarders (LCVRs) to create polarization-agile lidars and imagers. Quite recently, we performed the world's first all-sky polarization imaging experiment for mapping cloud thermodynamic phase throughout the sky (i.e., distinguishing between liquid and ice clouds). This has significance that varies from climate science to aircraft icing warnings. This is a subject of ongoing research currently.

Dr. Joseph Shaw

Professor, Montana State University

Meadowlark is a great partner for almost all of our...

Meadowlark is a great partner for almost all of our projects, especially the CHROMIS modulator. The LCVRs are always extremely high quality and well packaged. The D5020-HS controller is really easy to work with, and the Meadowlark software does exactly what we wanted. HAO relies heavily on Meadowlark's expertise, and they are a pleasure to work with.

Andrew Carlile

High Altitude Observatory at NSF NCAR

In 1979, Tom Baur, a researcher for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, needed a solution that resulted in manufacturing his own custom Pockels cells. With that flagship product, word spread and Meadowlark Optics quickly became a place to turn to for custom polarization optics.

Today Meadowlark Optics designs, develops and manufactures an extensive range of high-quality polarization systems and components including liquid crystal devices from UV to MWIR. Standard products include shutters, rotators, waveplates/retarders, spatial light modulators, tunable optical filters, tri-color filters, polarizers, polarimeters and more. We also provide custom solutions and a complete line of fabrication services.

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