Meadowlark Optics


Over the years Meadowlark Optics has become synonymous with polarization solutions – we are the company that people turn to when they need high quality optics or a unique and better way to control their light. Our reputation for quality and innovation is well known, however, most people do not know that we have solutions involving the fabrication and polishing of optic materials.  

Outstanding uniformity, tight tolerances, and rigid adherence to specifications are found in everything we do.

Ask us about our experience working with:

  – Quartz
  – MgF2
  – Filter Glass
  – Fresnels
  – Wedge Windows

  – Etalons
  – Prisms
  – Plate Beamsplitters
  – Micro Optics

Additional Fab Services:

  • Waterjetting
  • Dicing
  • Shaping
  • Polishing

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