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Systems Using Reflective SLMs

Meadowlark is a leader in advancing liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) spatial light modulator (SLM) technology. These devices use liquid crystal pixels to shape light waves, adding information to beams for various applications. Using Meadowlark’s SLMs with powerful microscopes promotes advanced research opportunities. We have integrated some of our best technology into several ready-for-research systems, saving our customers valuable time and energy. We can also customize components in these kits to your requirements.


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With decades of experience, Meadowlark has achieved industry firsts in speed, size, and functionality. High-speed LCoS devices benefit Free-Space Optical (FSO) communications, providing dynamic phase control for adaptive optics in turbulent atmospheres.

Meadowlark specializes in custom light control solutions, utilizing next-gen LCoS SLMs and liquid crystal polarization gratings. They aim to tackle challenging optics issues in research and industrial applications.

In neuroscience, Meadowlark’s phase-modulating SLMs enable precise holographic photostimulation of neurons deep within awake animals. These SLMs enhance calcium imaging and optogenetics techniques, offering >500 Hz frame rates with microsecond-scale trigger latencies. The large array size allows stimulation of larger neuron populations.

Additionally, switchable polarization lenses enable fast, inertialess remote focusing of microscope objectives, overcoming common issues in remote focusing techniques. The technology ensures sub-millisecond refocusing to various focal planes. Meadowlark’s innovations have practical applications in government, academic, and commercial settings, with over 30 years of experience in device and system development.


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SLM Optics Kit

1-Photon SLM Microscopy Kit

3D Holographic Optical Tweezing Kit

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