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Liquid Crystal Polarization Grating (LCPG) Lenses

Liquid Crystal Polarization Gratings create efficient polarization-sensitive gratings with spatially varying birefringence. Depending on the incident light’s handedness, circularly polarized light experiences either a positive or negative lens effect. By alternating LCPGs and half-waveplate switches, large discrete focus changes can be achieved in less than 40 microseconds.

In microscopy, studying the brain’s 3D neuronal connections poses challenges for traditional laser scanning microscopes, which focus on one depth at a time. Fast focus-changing methods are essential to capture millisecond-scale neuronal dynamics across the millimeter-length scale of connectivity. The use of Liquid Crystal Polarization Grating lenses (LCPG lenses) and controllable liquid crystal switches enables rapid refocusing of more than 500 micrometers in less than 40 microseconds in a multiphoton microscope. Contact a Meadowlark Optics Solutions Engineer for assistance with your unique needs.

Liquid Crystal Polarization Grating (LCPG) Lenses

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