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Meadowlark Optics

Spatial Light Modulators

Why Choose Meadowlark Optics SLMs?

• High Diffraction Efficiency
• Customizable liquid crystal (specific for your application)
• High-Speed Addressing
• Large number of phase Levels
• High Optical Resolution
• Unique Modulator (not a display)

A spatial light modulator (SLM) is a device that adds information to light waves. It’s used in various applications like optical processing, data routing, and information display. SLMs can work through different methods in materials such as liquid crystals (LC). LC-based SLMs have advantages like high birefringence and low-voltage operation, allowing for large optical effects in thin layers. They can create large arrays operating at high data rates, even though individual pixels switch quickly. Integrating LCs with silicon backplanes is a key technology for smart pixel devices, combining detectors, electronic logic, and modulators into a single device. Our liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) spatial light modulators boast exceptional speed, efficiency, and high resolution, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

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Systems Using Reflective SLMs

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