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Meadowlark Optics

Liquid Crystal Polarization Gratings (LCPGS)

Liquid Crystal Polarization Gratings (LCPGs)

Non-mechanically reconfigurable optics with vastly superior size, weight, and power requirements compared to their mechanical counterparts

The use of LCPGs in nonmechanical beam steering is a novel technique, and Meadowlark has the patent on this approach (US 8,982,313 B2).


Industries Using LCPG Technology

Along with our customers, we have demonstrated this technology in a range of cutting-edge applications, from lidar to optical communications:

  • Aerospace: Inertialess optical beam steering with dramatic reductions of size, weight, and power
  • Automotive: Wide-angle steering of flash and coherent lidar for ADAS and autonomous vehicles
  • Manufacturing + Automation: Increase range and resolution of conventional Time-of-Flight cameras without sacrificing field of view
  • Telecommunication: Nonmechanical coarse pointing, acquisition, and tracking, as well as nonmechanical divergence control
  • Wind Power Generation: Compact nonmechanical pointing of coherent Doppler lidar wind sensing

LCPG Technology

LCPG Lenses

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