Meadowlark Optics

Eigenstate Calibration Set


Meadowlark Optics Eigenstate Calibration Set is a tool which produces six polarization eigenstates: linear polarized light at 0, 90, +45, -45 degrees as well as circular right-handed and left-handed polarized light.
These states are created by using a precision dichroic linear polarizer in a black housing and a precision quarter waveplate in a blue housing. The housings are CNC machined so that the accuracy of the angles is better than 1 arc minute. Pins on the housings mate to a v-groove and a flat groove in a quasi-kinematic fashion, while magnets provide holding force. This scheme facilitates precise, simple and fast indexing of the polarization eigenstates. Large arrows on the housing indicate the transmission axis of the polarizer and the fast axis of the waveplates for ease of use. Available for wavelength ranges from 450-1700 nm.
Eigenstate Retarders are additional retarders that can be purchased at the same time as your Eigenstate Calibration Set and Polarimeter. Wavelengths available from 450-1700 nm.
  • Ellipsometry
  • Polarization control
  • Polarization analysis
  • Calibration accessory for
  • PMI Series polarimeters

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