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Meadowlark Optics has excellent capabilities for transmission, reflection and polarization behavior metrology from the UV to the Mid-Wave IR.


Meadowlark Optics has been a leader in polarization optics for more than 40 years, with award winning products and outstanding metrology capabilities, setting us apart from the competition. Below are some of our measurement capabilities:


Retardance (Waveplate) Custom Metrology:

1. Retardance vs WL scans: 380 – 1700 nm, WL resolution down to 0.1 nm.
2. Oblique incidence retardance measurements: up to 40° incidence angle, 0°-180° azimuth.

3. Retardance vs voltage (0-20 V) for liquid crystal retarders.
4. Retardance vs temperature: 20–75°C, up to 2” diameter aperture.
5. Low retardances: down to 2 nm retardance at 630 nm wavelength.
6. Elliptical retardance measurements: linear and circular retardance components.

Mapping for retardance and fast axis on 110 mm x 155 mm rectangle or smaller aperture (any shape).

Linear Polarizer Extinction Ratio Measurements: up to 500000:1 in 400–1000 nm range, up to 5000:1 for 1100–3000 nm range. Incidence angle up to 40° in 400-1000 nm range.


Stokes Polarimetry: visit our Polarimeter page.


Compound Waveplate Clocking Angle Measurement: for quartz, magnesium fluoride, sapphire. Thickness Measurements: micron accuracy.

Multiple Wave Retardance Measurement Station

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