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Unique Custom Capabilities

Over the years Meadowlark Optics has been asked to deliver some unique polarization components. Our reputation for quality and innovation has made us the company that many people turn to when they need a device that is not readily available. Custom retooling of an existing Meadowlark product or creating the new products our customers need are two ways we serve manufacturing and science.  


Examples of these devices include a segmented polarizer that contained four different quadrants, in which each quadrant had its polarization transmission axis in a different orientation. Another is an assembly of polarizing beamcubes that separates an input beam into multiple output beams with varying linear polarization directions. We also have manufactured an optically addressed spatial lightmodulator. True to form, we craft custom transmissive spatial light modulators, tunable optical filters, and photomultiplier systems.



Our engineers have spent years designing components for various applications, and they have the imagination and knowledge to build a component that will perfectly fit your needs. So, if you have an idea for a polarization component that you cannot find anywhere else, talk to Meadowlark Optics.


See our detailed Custom Options information for more information regarding what we can do. We take on what others won’t. Challenge accepted.

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