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A phase retarder is a useful tool for manipulating polarized light by making the optical path length for one of the orthogonal polarizations different than the other. Generally speaking, quarter-wave retarders cause a phase shift in one electric field component which results in circularly polarized light. Half-wave retarders produce a λ/2 phase shift and rotate the polarization of linearly polarized light to twice the angle between the retarder’s fast axis and the plane of polarization. Passing circularly polarized light through a half-wave plate changes the “handedness” of the polarization.


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Precision Achromatic Retarder

Precision Superachromatic Retarder

Precision Retarder

Dual-Wavelength Retarder

Wide Field Retarder

Polymer Film Retarder

Bi-Crystalline Achromatic Retarder

Large Aperture Retarder

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