The Power and Limitations of Polymers and Liquid Crystals for Polarization Control - Poincaré Webinar

Mar 28 2023

Part of SPIE’s Henri Poincaré Webinar Series on Optical Polarization and Related Phenomena, this interactive presentation given by Tom Baur will be conference-style. That means the audience is able to ask questions following the live presentation in real time, not just chat in a chatbox. 


There are new tools in the toolbox for polarization control. Polymers and liquid crystals provide significant advantages over classical solid crystal materials for precision optical applications requiring polarization control or measurement. We will discuss the advantages and limitations of these materials and other new materials over the historically important crystalline polarizer and waveplates that have long been used for these applications.


Make plans now to participate in this exciting lecture on March 28 at 2:00 PM MST (2100 UTC)!

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