Metrology, or the study of measurement, is important because it helps us all agree on what different units mean, which is key for all kinds of human activities. 

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This field is made up of three main parts:

  1. Defining what different units of measurement mean
  2. Actually using these units of measurement
  3. Making sure measurements can be traced back to the original standards

These parts are used in different ways in the three main areas of metrology:

  1. Scientific metrology, which focuses on setting up units of measurement
  2. Applied metrology, which uses measurements in manufacturing and other societal processes
  3. Legal metrology, which deals with the laws and rules about measuring instruments and methods

Traceability allows us to compare measurements, whether they’re made in the same lab, a year apart, or in different parts of the world. It’s like a chain that links any measurement back to the original definition of the unit. This is usually achieved through calibration, which ties a measurement on an instrument to the value of the standard. This process helps figure out the measurement value and uncertainty of the device being calibrated and creates a link back to the measurement standard.


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