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CUbit Continues Growing One Year into Strategic Partnership

In February 2022, Meadowlark Optics and three other organizations became the first industry partners of CUbit at the University of Colorado Boulder. Not to be confused with the ancient unit of measurement, this “CUbit” is a play on words relating to “qubit”: a two-level subatomic system showcasing quantum mechanics. The CUbit Quantum Initiative is a thriving interdisciplinary hub, establishing Colorado as a powerhouse in quantum information science and technology. By partnering with local universities, research labs, and quantum-focused companies, CUbit supports an array of interests and workforce development in Colorado and on a broader scale.


Born from a dynamic trio of CU Boulder, NIST quantum researchers (a key element of JILA), and Front Range Colorado companies, CUbit propels cutting-edge science while laying a solid foundation for groundbreaking quantum technologies and their swift distribution, application, and commercialization.


When the University of Colorado Boulder’s CUbit Quantum Initiative welcomed its first four strategic industry allies—Atom Computing, ColdQuanta, Meadowlark Optics, and SPIE (the international society for optics and photonics)—to join as CUbit Innovation Partners, it aimed to nurture mutually advantageous collaborations with quantum-driven enterprises.


The CUbit Innovation Partners program plays a crucial role in realizing the initiative’s vision established back in 2019. By strategizing partnerships to boost CU Boulder’s quantum pursuits—including research insights and training collaborations—CUbit plans to cultivate even stronger connections with quantum-focused businesses.


This spring witnessed another breakthrough when the Department of Physics and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) at CU Boulder introduced the Quantum Scholars program. Catering to 53 undergraduates who meet monthly to explore the world of quantum sciences and engineering, this initiative provides them with unique opportunities to learn from industry leaders, tour state-of-the-art facilities, and secure internships with renowned companies and national laboratories. (Read the article on


Tom Baur, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Scientist of Meadowlark Optics, notes that “Meadowlark has been instrumental in supplying critical optical components and spatial light modulator subsystems for the success of all Cubit partners involved in quantum computing endeavors. Cubit serves as the epicenter for strengthening research in quantum computing while ensuring our product offerings align with the optical equipment requirements of Colorado’s quantum community. Cubit truly showcases the amazing pool of talent we have right here in Colorado.”


Using that talent as a launching point, CUbit and all the students, leaders, and industry partners involved are sure to continue making progress in nurturing the next generation of quantum ingenuity.


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