Announcing the 1024 x 1024 SLM

1024 x 1024 Spatial Light Modulator

Meadowlark Optics has just launched a new 1024 x 1024 High-Speed Spatial Light Modulator (1K x 1K SLM, for short.) The product offers several key advancements, including increased user control over system timing, internal memory to eliminate latencies, and ultra-fast response times combined with the phase stability required by the most demanding research and applications. The 1024 x 1024 SLM is available for order now.


From projectors to holographic data storage and displays, spatial light modulators have come a long way. However, using the devices for 2-photon microscopy and other applications that need very fast frame rates, high optical power, or high phase stability has been tricky. Until now.


Customers and peers of the team at Meadowlark Optics know that constant innovation is what sets the company apart. The latest product offering is available in several models to meet diverse research requirements. The standard speed model offers maximized phase stability; the high-speed model provides high performance at a cost-effective price point; the ultra-high-speed model is capable of sub-millisecond analog 0 to 2π phase modulation, has dielectric mirror options to support high power handling, minimizes losses for light starved applications, and has available liquid cooling options to enhance power handling and phase stability. All models include a user-friendly GUI, image generation capabilities, software development kits, and high frame rate hardware in a compact footprint.


The Meadowlark team is exceptionally proud of their work on this product. Principal Investigator Dr. Anna Linnenberger states, “I am grateful for the research grant that funded this development. Meadowlark feels the new product will have considerable impact.” The new LCOS chip and controller enable frame rates of up to 1.6 kHz. The product supports phase ripple as low as 0.1%. Optical losses are minimized due to the increased fill factor and dielectric stack options. The 1st-order diffraction efficiency is maintained to within several percent of the theoretical limit. The included hardware allows for 752 frames of internal memory to eliminate timing instabilities of image transfers, and the computer to controller transfer rates are minimized by working with the latest PCIe advances.


The 1K x 1K Spatial Light Modulator is available to order now. For more information on this or other exciting Meadowlark products, contact Meadowlark Optics’ Solutions Engineers at 303.433.8333 or