Two Channel High Voltage Interface

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Two Channel High Voltage Interface

  • USB or RS232 interface
  • C++ code examples (all required libraries included)
  • Compact and simple to use
  • Microsoft® HyperTerminal configuration file included
  • Independent control of voltage levels on two channels to 10 mV resolution
  • Includes National Instruments LabVIEW™ Virtual Instrument drivers to interface with custom software

Our two Channel High Voltage Digital Interface is designed for independent high precision computer control of up to two Meadowlark Optics Swift LC liquid crystal devices at one time.
The D3060HV Package includes all the functionality of the D3050 plus the high voltage circuitry necessary for Swift LC devices. Also included is capability for temperature monitoring and control on one channel. The Advanced Package allows the amplitude of the 13 kHz square wave output to be driven either by an external signal supplied to a front panel connector or specific CellDRIVE generated waveforms including sinusoidal, square, triangle, sawtooth and transient nematic effect waveforms. Additional functions include the capability to output a sync pulse on a front panel connector at desired points in the CellDRIVE generated waveforms and the ability to save/restore all CellDRIVE settings to/from a file.

Specifications - Two Channel High Voltage Interface
Fundamental Drive Waveform 13 kHz ac square wave
Modulation Amplitude 0-100 V rms
Modulation Resolution 10 mV (1.55 mV using LabVIEW™ subroutines)
DC Offset < 50 mV
Communications Interface USB or RS232
LC Cell to Controller Connections LEMO™ RF cable, 2 m length
Power Requirements 100-240 V ac
47-63 Hz
2.5 A
Safety Feature Keyed Interlock Switch
Modulation Waveforms External modulation input (0-5 V)
Transient nematic effect
Temperature Control Active heating/passive cooling to within ± 1˚C of nominal set point
Sync Output TTL, 1 µs pulse, user specified phase
Minimum System Requirements
USB or RS232 COM Port
Use of LavVIEW Instrument Library requires LabVIEW version 2010 or higher


Ordering Information - 2 Channel High Voltage Interface
Item Part Number
High Voltage Controller D3060HV
High Voltage Cable Swift LC Cable