Small 512 x 512 Spatial Light Modulator

Small 512 x 512 Spatial Light Modulator

  • High speed
  • Pure analog phase control
  • High bit-depth controllers(high phase resolution)
  • High reflectivity option
  • Synchronization / Triggering
  • Wavelengths from 400 – 1650 nm
Meadowlark Optics Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs) are uniquely designed for pure phase applications and incorporate analog data addressing with high refresh rates.  This combination provides user’s with the fastest response times and highest phase stabilities commercially available.  Meadowlark offers both transmissive and reflective SLMs in either one or two dimensions.  Phase-only SLMs can also be used for amplitude-only or a combination of both.
The 512 x 512 SLM is good for applications requiring high speed, with synchronization / triggering capabilities.  The optional dielectric mirror coating provides users with 100% fill factor, which increases optical efficiency.  

OverDrive Plus (ODP) for Ultra-High Speed Operation – The use of ODP has shown reductions of the liquid crystal response times by a factor of up to 8x through use of the transient nematic effect, phase wrapping, and regional calibrations. The base technology is the transient nematic effect, utilizing intermediate transition voltages beyond the target voltage needed to achieve the desired phase value. The second technology development is the use of phase wrapping, which is based on the cyclical nature of light wherein adding or subtracting 2π from any phase value in a hologram results in an equivalent hologram. Often times it is faster to switch from ?1 → ?2 ± 2π instead of switching from ?1 → ?2. ODP automatically implements the faster of the two transitions, based on the calibration data. The third technology development is the utilization of regional calibrations of an SLM. Because most optical applications require precision on the order of a fraction of a wavelength, nearly all SLMs will have some inherent phase errors across the aperture that may impact the performance of the optical system. OverDrive Plus utilizes the phase modulation capabilities of the SLM to calibrate these errors out of the reflected wave, while also utilizing the regional calibrations when determining the length of time required for the transient nematic effect on a pixel by pixel basis.

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