OEM Liquid Crystal Variable Retarder

OEM Liquid Crystal Variable Retarder

  • Precision control at lower cost
  • Scalable quantities
  • Thin housing
  • Large clear aperture
  • Usable from 450 to 1800 nm

Meadowlark Optics is pleased to announce a small, mounted liquid crystal family of products intended for space constrained or OEM applications. By removing the temperature control circuitry, the overall dimensions of the housing can be significantly reduced. For even tighter mechanical constraints, unmounted cells are also available with flying leads or custom connectors.

Specifications - OEM Liquid Crystal Variable Retarder
Retarder Material Nematic liquid crystal
Substrate Material Optical quality synthetic fused silica
Wavelength Range 450 - 1800 nm (specify)
Retardance Range
~30 nm to λ/2
custom ranges are available
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion
λ/2 (P‐V @ 633)
[λ/8 (RMS @ 633)]
Surface Quality  80 - 50 scratch-dig
Beam Deviation 3 arc min
Reflectance (per surface)  0.5% at normal incidence
Diameter Tolerance ± 0.005 in.
Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Laser Damage Threshold
500 W/cm2, CW
300 mJ/cm2, 10 ns, visible


Ordering Information - OEM Liquid Crystal Variable Retarder
Clear Aperture
in. [mm]
in. [mm]
in. [mm]
Part Number

We offer standard liquid crystal variable retarders to cover four spectral regions:

  • VIS: 450 – 700 nm
  • IR 1: 650 – 950 nm
  • IR 2: 900 – 1250 nm
  • IR 3: 1200 – 1700 nm

Please specify a spectral region when placing your order.