Why Choose Meadowlark's Reflective SLMs?

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Why Choose Meadowlark's Reflective SLMs?

Why Choose Meadowlark Reflective SLMs?

High Voltage Backplanes = Fastest Response Times Meadowlark Optics SLMs use custom backplanes, and proprietary drive schemes to achieve response times down to 2 ms (wavelength dependent). Most other liquid crystal spatial light modulators utilize display backplanes built with standard Nematic liquid crystal, limiting response time to >30 ms.

Highest Phase Stability Commercially Available - Our backplanes are custom designed to allow high refresh rates (up to 6 kHz), and direct analog drive schemes. Refreshing the voltage at the pixel at rates far surpassing the response time of the liquid crystal ensures high temporal phase stability. Further, use of direct analog drive schemes, as opposed to digital dithering, reduces optical flicker to the noise floor of detectors.

Low Inter-pixel Cross Talk - Our backplanes are custom designed to offer high voltage at the pixel (5 – 12 V), and a large pixel pitch. Further, our SLMs are built with Meadowlark Optics proprietary liquid crystal which minimizes the required thickness of the LC layer in the SLM. By maximizing the ratio of pixel pitch to LC thickness we are able to offer SLMs with minimal inter-pixel effects.

Broad Wavelength Capabilities - Meadowlark Optics is the only SLM supplier capable of offering SLMs designed for use from UV (>365 nm) up to the MWIR (3-5 µm).

Analog is Better - All Meadowlark SLMs have been designed for phase modulation.  Unlike many display LCoS backplanes which require a pulse width modulation (PWM) scheme, Meadowlark backplanes utilize analog voltages at each pixel.  This results in a very stable phase response over time.

High Bit Depth Controllers - Meadowlark offers 8, 12, and 16-bit controllers to provide the most linear resolvable phase levels commercially available (up to 500).  Fast transfer speeds from the computer to the SLM are offered up to 2 kHz.


  • High Diffraction Efficiency
  • Customizable liquid crystal (specific for your application)
  • High Speed Addressing
  • Large number of phase Levels
  • High Optical Resolution
  • Unique Modulator (not a display)

For ordering information, please contact  Sales at 303.833.4333 or sales@meadowlark.com