Transmissive Spatial Light Modulator

Transmissive Spatial Light Modulator

Hex Spatial Light Modulator - Our transmissive hexagonal array SLMs are designed for adaptive optics applications. The two dimensional array of Liquid Crystal Variable Retarders acts as a real time programmable phase mask for wavefront correction of a linear polarized source.
Unwanted aberration effects are removed by introducing the opposite phase shift through the Hex SLM. The most common applications involve high-resolution imaging where viewing through an aberrant medium is unavoidable. Examples include astronomical imaging with ground-based telescopes and medical imaging through body fluids. High-energy laser users also benefit from active phase compensation for beam profile correction.
Linear Array Spatial Light Modulator - The transmissive linear array can be used to alter the temporal profile of femtosecond light pulses via computer control. These SLMs find use in other applications including Hadamard spectroscopy, optical data storage and wavefront compensation.
Spatial Light ModulatorController
Meadowlark Optics Spatial Light Modulator Controller allows for independent voltage control of up to 128 liquid crystal cells or pixels. 
The SLM Controller connects via USB cable to a Windows™ based computer. Supplied software allows for convenient setting of individual pixel retardance and for the programming of retardance profiles across a pixelated device. Custom software can be written using the included LabVIEW™ Virtual Instrument Library to allow for integration into custom applications.


  • High transmission 
  • Compact optical housing design
  • Computer controlled 
  • Phase or amplitude modulation 


Specifications - Transmissive Spatial Light Modulator
Retarder Material Nematic liquid crystal
Substrate Material Optical quality synthetic fused silica
Center Wavelength 450-1800 nm (specify)
Phase Amplitude (min.)
1λ optical path difference
Retardance Uniformity ≤ 2% rms variation over clear aperture
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion
≤ λ/4 (P-V @ 633)
[≤ λ /10 (RMS @ 633)]
Surface Quality 40 -20 scratch-dig
Beam Deviation ≤ 2 arc-min
Transmittance > 90% (without polarizers)
Reflectance (per surface) ≤ 0.5% at normal incidence
Dimensions (L x W x H) 7.00 x 2.96 x 0.74 in.
Recommended Safe
Operating Limit
500 W/cm2, CW
300 mJ/cm2, 10 ns, 532 nm
Temperature Range 10˚C to 45˚C
Controller Specifications
Output Voltage 2 kHz ac square wave digitally
adjustable 0-10 V rms
Voltage Resolution 2.44 mV (12 bit)
Computer Interface USB
Power Requirements
100-240 V ac
47-63 Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 9.50 x 6.25 x 1.50 in.
Weight 2 lbs.
Note: the D3128 controller is included with purchase of the SLM system.


Ordering Information - Spatial Light Modulator
Pixel Width (µm)
Version Part Number
Linear 1 x 128 98 µm x 4mm Phase
Hexagonal 127 1 mm across flats Phase
Please specifiy your operating wavelength in n nanometers.
Custom SLM sizes and formats are available.


Optional Polarizers
Type Wavelength  Range (nm) Part Number
Visible 450 - 700 SDP - VIS
Near Infrared 775 - 890 SDP - IR1