Rotary Mount

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Rotary Mount

Meadowlark Optics Rotary Mounts provide angular adjustment often required in polarization control applications and a threaded retaining ring holds mounted optical components. Full 360° rotation is possible using the knurled edge, with angular position indicated in 2° increments on the graduated scale. A two-inch mount post is included.
Mounting Post and Base Set
Meadowlark Optics standard liquid crystal devices are mounted in a black anodized aluminum housing, tapped with an 8-32 hole. Our Mounting Post and Base Set is designed to mate the liquid crystal housing with standard optical table and breadboard hole patterns.

  • Holds standard size optics
  • Ease of use
  • Available now



Specifications - Rotary Mount
Mounting Post Dimensions
in. [mm]
Diameter 0.500 ± 0.004
[12.70 ± 0.100]
Length 5.500 ± 0.010
[139.7 ± 0.250]
Base Dimensions
Height 3.00 in.
Hole Pattern 0.25 in. through holes on 2.00 in. bolt circle diameter


Ordering Information - Rotary Mounts
Part Number
1.0 2.22 0.61 1.09 RM701
2.0 3.30 0.63 1.63 RM702


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