Raptor Applied Polymer Retarder

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Raptor Applied Polymer Retarder

Retarder Applied Polymer (RAPtor) parts are manufactured using  a proprietary high birefringent polymer. These retarders are true  zero order with a typical film thickness less than 10 microns. The material can be added to customer provided windows and even mildly curved substrates to produce truly custom solutions.
These retarders were originally designed for use in astronomy but have applications wherever a true zero order waveplate would be used. Meadowlark Optics can apply these retarders to  substrates from 10 mm to 100 mm diameter (and even larger on a custom basis).

  • Extremely thin and large diameter
  • Curved surfaces
  • High temperature resistance
  • Custom sizes, shapes, wavelengths and retardances available

Specifications - RAPtor Applied Polymer Retarder
Retarder Material  High Birefringence Polymer
Retarder Thickness < 10 mm**
Substrate Material  1.1 mm Fused Silica
Wavelength Range/Retardance
400 - 1064 nm ( λ/2 )
400 - 1550 nm ( λ/4 )
Retardance Accuracy < ± λ/100
Retardance Uniformity < λ/100 [<5 nm]
Clear Aperture 80%
Reflectivity ≤ 0.5%
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion
≤ λ/2 (P-V @ 633 nm)
[≤ λ/8 (RMS @ 633 nm)]
Beam Deviation ≤ 5 arc sec
Surface Quality 80-50 scratch-dig
Operating Temperature -20 °C to 80 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 80 °C
Custom Design
Wavelength Range 350-3300 nm
Retardance Accuracy < ± λ/200
Dimensions up to 150 mm diameter
Fast Axis Datum/Orientation Customer specified
Substrate Material/
Customer specified
** Exact thickness design dependent


Ordering Information - RAPtor Applied Polymer Retarder
Clear Aperture
in. [mm]
in. [mm]
Part Number
Ø0.9 in. [22.9 mm] Ø1.00 in. [25.4 mm] PQ-100-λ , PH-100-λ
Ø1.8 in. [45.7 mm] Ø2.00 in. [50.8 mm] PQ-200-λ , PH-200-λ


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