Photomultiplier Detector System

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Photomultiplier Detector System

This turnkey detector is a low noise, high sensitivity system that exceeds the performance of silicon photodiode systems over the wavelength range of 185 to 800 nm. It has a superior combination of a large, eight mm diameter, aperture and fast response of ten microseconds. The convenient controller provides eleven gain settings over an amplification range of 102 to 106 and includes a detector overvoltage protection circuit in case the impinging light beam is too bright.
The housing includes a manual shutter and a filter tray for any one-inch diameter optic of thickness less than 0.4 inches. The entrance aperture is threaded to accommodate C-mount optics and accessories including a fiber adapter, a field limiting tube and a manual iris. The tube is threaded internally and includes two retaining rings for mounting one-inch diameter optics. The housing has 1/4 - 20, 8 - 32, and M6 threaded mounting holes along two sides for post mounting and bulkhead mounting tabs with clear holes for 8 - 32 screws near the entrance aperture.
The controller includes a protection circuit that turns off the high voltage when too much light reaches the photocathode. The detector housing contains an amplifier near the anode output of the photomultiplier tube to minimize noise. All high voltage for the tube is produced inside the housing with only low control voltage of fifteen volts present on the cable from the controller to the housing. The zero to eight volt detector output is accessed by a BNC connector on the housing. A half meter coaxial cable is included to connect this output to a digital voltmeter or A/D converter.

  • UV sensitive to 185 nm
  • Low noise, high sensitivity
  • Eleven selectable gain settings between 102 and 106
  • Protection Circuit with auto shutdown in case of over-voltage due to saturation
  • Filter slot and manual shutter in tube housing


Specifications - FLC Controller
Dimensions 5.3 in. W x 5.3 in. L x 2.0 in. H
(13.5 cm W x 13.5 cm L x 5.1 cm H)
Number of LC Channels Two, running identical programs 180
degrees out of phase
Output Waveform Bipolar ± 15V peak voltage,
± 5V holding voltage
Amplitude Resolution 16-bit; 1 mV voltage resolution
Internal Drive 1 to 10,000 Hz, 50% duty cycle, frequency
controlled by front-panel
10-turn knob

Ordering Information - Photomultiplier Detector System
Item Part Number
Photomultiplier Tube PMT
Tube Kit PMT-TK
Fiber Adapter Kit PMT-FK
Iris Diaphram Kit PMT-IK
Neutral Density Filter PMT-ND