Liquid Crystal Digital Interface

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Liquid Crystal Digital Interface

The new D5020 Liquid Crystal Digital Interface is the next generation in the evolution of Meadowlark Optics Liquid Crystal Controllers.
The Digital Controller is designed for user functionality and productivity. The D5020 provides a “set and go” function that allows the controller to run autonomously without a computer.
Controlling multiple Liquid Crystal cells has never been easier. CellDRIVE 5000 software provides a separate sync output for each channel as well as temperature sensing and control on both channels.
The 2kHz square wave output can be amplitude modulated with sinusoidal, square, triangle, sawtooth and transient nematic effect waveforms.


  • Two channels of voltage and temperature sensing & control (TSC)
  • USB powered (unless using TSC)
  • Waveforms generated internally
  • Independent SMB I/O Connectors for each channel
  • Multiple external control options
  • Includes USB and LabVIEW™ code example

Specifications - Liquid Crystal Digital Interface
Fundamental Drive Waveform 2 kHz AC square wave
Modulation Amplitude 0-10 V rms (20 V rms available)
Modulation Resolution 1 mV (0.155 mV using LabVIEW™ subroutines)
DC Offset < 5 mV
Communications Interface USB
LC Cell to Controller Connections SMA-SMB, 2 m cable length
CE Compliance Compliant
Modulation Waveforms External modulation input (0-5 V)
Transient nematic effect
Temperature Control
(2 channels)
Active heating/passive cooling to within
± 1˚C of nominal set point
Sync Output TTL, user specified phase
Minimum System Requirements
Windows™ Vista, 7 or 8
Requires LabVIEW™ version 2010 or higher for use with LabVIEW™
instrument library


Ordering Information - LC Digital Interface
Item Part Number
LC Digital Interface D5020
LC Digital Interface (20V rms) D5020-20V
Sync Cables (SMB to BNC) SMB-BNC
Please contact your Meadowlark Optics sales engineer.